Stockholm 2022


The Nordic Enneagram Affiliates are delighted to welcome you to Stockholm the 27-29th of May 2022.


The conference represents a great opportunity to come together and discuss new reflections on the Enneagram concepts and applications.
We will explore the deep insights of the Enneagram. 


The conference will be arranged in Stockholm, also known as the Nordic Venice. The city with its 14 islands and beautiful canals will be the perfect surroundings for this year’s most exciting event. 


We are looking forward to meeting you in Stockholm! 

Together again- with a human touch

I am excited to invite you to join this conference.


Our dedicated team aim to create an event where we explore insights and new

reflections together.


We believe that now, more than ever we need to reconnect with what

unites us. The power of meeting, discussing, and sharing experiences and ideas

lay the ground for healing, personal growth, and the development of the Enneagram.

This demands a joint effort and can only be done together.


The goal of the conference is to transform lives and keep creating a more compassionate world.


Welcome to Stockholm and the Nordic Enneagram conference Together again with a human touch!

Conference Chair


The conference theme is "Together again - with a human touch".

Great presenters from all over the world will share their insights and knowledge through presentations/ lectures or workshops. 

As a conference attendee you will be involved through interaction with the professionals during these exciting conference days. 

There will be sessions where a coach/therapist/counsellor together with a panel of each of the nine types dives deep into how this specific type manifests in different relationships.

Finally, there will be exciting debates and discussions, where both facilitators and participants contribute in building or finding something new regarding use and insights about the Enneagram.  


Anyone with interest of the Enneagram are welcome to the conference, from beginners to experts. 

At the event you will meet Enneagram enthusiasts from all over the world. Experts will share their insights and knowledge through exciting lectures, workshops, and debates. 


For the conference we emphasize the value and importance of being on the forefront in research and science, as well as having an intention and openness for developing the Enneagram and ourselves. 

We invite to apply as a presenter and actively participate at the IEA Nordic Enneagram Conference 2022.


Knowledge of the Enneagram system is growing all around the world.

The insights in human functioning and development are being applied in many varied areas.

The Enneagram is a versatile and powerful personality typing system.

Välkomna Velkommen

Welcome Bienvenidos Bienvenue 



لًا وسهلًا